Archery Common Number: Meghalaya Teer:

We are here with a daily update for the Meghalaya Teer Common Number first round and second round. To get this common number, we perform various types of mathematical calculations.We know that the Shillong Teer result is between 0 to 99, so we have to do the calculation in different ways. The calculation we do to make a common number is usually related to the previous result. So it is very important to have a list of Shillong previous results during the Shillong Teer calculation.


Shillong Teer


Shillong Teer Making Number:

Generally, we use different formulas to calculate Making numbers. On the other hand, Shillong archery or teer formulas are quite different. We need Shillong Teer Previous results to calculate forecast numbers or tir target numbers. On the other side first round house and the second round house also play an important role in Shillong arrow calculation. First, we do calculate the house then similarly we calculate the ending numbers after that we make the common number by combining the house and the ending and also revise similarly.

Common Number Table:


In this table, we have only 4 common numbers for the first round and 4 making numbers for the second round target. We make these shillong teer common numbers based on some mathematical calculation. Previous teer results make this calculation very effective and useful. To analyze House, ending, and common numbers we use all possible teer Target formulas in different ways. Protection Status