7 years small girl growing aloe Vera plant in terrace.

It is very inspiring for everyone of us that small children girl start growing plant. This just an example for other children that how to grow aloe Vera plant at home. It has different uses in our daily life aloe Vera plant is one of the best medicinal plant.

Shillong Teer Previous Result Month of November and December

 Shillong Teer Previous Result for the month of November and December.In the table below you cam see the Shillong Teer Previous first and second round result are  recorded so that you can use them for your future calculation. 31-12-2020 93 24 29-12-2020 29 73 28-12-2020 09 71 26-12-2020 43 68 24-12-2020 62 62 23-12-2020 57 […]


SHILLONG TEER www.teermedia.com Email-helpteermedia@gmail.com WhatsApp-7628984971 Dear friends, we have prepared some formula for calculating the Shillong teer House and Ending number. This Teer formula is already being tested several times for the Shillong Teer house and Ending number. Date:21-11-2020 PREVIOUS RESULT:  Shillong Teer Date:20-11-2020 ——————— First Round—-X Second Round-X ——————— The table that has been […]

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Instructions to Stop for short period of Time.

 One of the leading medicine company instruction to stop for all types of work.Company has a cyber attack  within  the company.Now has shifted their data in different parts of the World. As result,the company’s share price fell down but news has come that the problem will be fixed within few days.

Shillong Teer Media Single House Number for First and Second Round

 Teer Media Single House Calculation  SHILLONG TEER SINGLE HOUSE  FR SR 6 1 Shillong Teer single house suggestion in a box above where you are given a house for the first and a Teer House for second.Shillong Teer Media we are always thinking about how to give you success so we can teer you that […]


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