FORMULA 2 |Teer Media Shillong Teer Formula

Shillong Teer Formula two

We have different Shillong teer Formula Pattern that helps everyone to predict Meghalaya Archery Sports Target. Formula 2 is one of the best House ending formulas which proven several times by giving Shillong Teer House Ending and Common number targets. To calculate this formula we need the previous results first round and second round then […]

FORMULA 8|Shillong Teer Formula |Teer Media Formula

Shillong Teer Formula 8

How Shillong Teer Formula and gassing number can be important for daily Teer Target? However, it is worth noting that the Shillong Teer formula and gassing number are both methods used to predict the outcome of a Shillong Archery game, and there is no guaranteed way to predict the winning numbers perfectly. The Shillong Teer […]

FORMULA 7|Shillong Teer Formula 7 for House and Ending Target

Shillong Teer Formula 7

Shillong Teer Formula 7: We have added a new pattern of the Shillong Teer house and Ending formula that may help you to calculate a minimum number of houses and ending targets. Here we have observed that the last digit of this pattern provide the Ending Target and the last 2 digit gives us the […]

Formula-6|Shillong Teer Formula pattern 6

Shillong Teer Formula 6

For House Ending calculation for Meghalaya Teer we need the previous results first round and the second round for this following pattern we also need the date. AJJ KA MAKING NUMBER CLICK KARO FORMULA-6 Date:09-12-2023FR-SR-DATE-FR-SR70-69-09-70-69765996765314853314523864975140626548819690594Result Fr-XX Sr-XX Date:08-12-2023FR-SR-DATE-FR-SR54-74-08-54-74911483911025212022773322940654346197070777448Result FR-70 SR-69 Date:07-12-2023FR-SR-DATE-FR-SR51-17-07-51-17628772628805498808593768342034762373850135482Result FR-54 SR-74 Date:06-12-2023FR-SR-DATE-FR-SR00-50-06-00-50055066055505626505518815069696655551000100101Result FR-51 SR-17 Date:05-12-2023FR-SR-DATE-FR-SR83-46-05-46-83170659041876149455375339802862820480242266820RESULT-FR-00 SR-50 Date:04-12-2023FR-SR-DATE-FR-SR82-22-04-82-22044242044486662482422862664048204422486624864RESULT-FR-83 SR-46 Date:02-12-2023FR-SR-DATE-FR-SR11-67-02-11-67273723273900955909094049993443827870955940347Result FR-XX SR-XX Date:01-12-2023FR-SR-DATE-FR-SR76-38-01-76-38391818391209991202988032176835834181759824066Result FR-11 […]

FORMULA 5|Shillong Teer Formula

Shillong Teer formula 5

Shillong Teer Formula 5 is one of the best pattern calculations that help us to analyze and predict the target number of Khasi Hills Sports house ending Target. We need the previous second-round result next first-round result then the year and date After that we again need FR and SR Finally the pattern format is […]


Khanapara teer

Khanapara Teer Target Number: We can see the following Pyramid number pattern helps us to find the target for the Assam teer house and ending. To calculate making a number we need the first house and ending number with these numbers we target or predict some common number. This game has two rounds First and […]

FORMULA 4 |Shillong Teer Formula for House Ending|

meghalaya teer formula four

Shillong Teer House Ending calculation using previous results from the first round, second round, and date. This formula is very unique and effective. We have done the last 7 days of calculations using the same method and found houses and endings with a good number of results. Shillong Archery (Teer) is based on dream numbers […]


Teer formula Four

Details about this Teer Formula: To understand this formula, you need to understand the basic division method of calculation. First, you need to take the first round result of Shillong Teer from the previous day. Then divide the previous result by 2. Next, you have to wait for the results to come out. The method […]

FORMULA 1|Shillong Teer Formula

Shillong teer formula one

Shillong Teer Formula 1 Shillong Teer: Shillong Teer House Ending Calculation Formula is updated daily. We calculate Teer common number, house, ending, and hit number. Shillong Teer formula is a very unique formula none of the formulae is running for a long time. TEER MEDIA FORMULA (1) Here we use the result of the previous […]