FORMULA 2 |HOUSE AND ENDING CALCULATION by Teer Media Shillong Teer Formula.

Shillong Teer Formula two

We have different Shillong teer Formula Pattern that helps everyone to predict Meghalaya Archery Sports Target. Formula 2 is one of the best House ending formulas which proven several times by giving Shillong Teer House Ending and Common number targets. To calculate this formula, we need the previous results first round and second round then […]


Shillong Teer Formula 8

How Shillong Teer Formula and gassing number can be important for daily Teer Target? However, it is worth noting that the Shillong Teer formula and gassing number are both methods used to predict the outcome of a Shillong Archery game, and there is no guaranteed way to predict the winning numbers perfectly. The Shillong Teer […]

FORMULA 6|Shillong Teer Formula pattern 6 House Ending and Common Number Target.

Shillong Teer Formula 6

For House Ending calculation for Meghalaya Teer we need the previous results first round and the second round for this following pattern we also need the date. AJJ KA MAKING NUMBER CLICK KARO FORMULA-6 Date:13-06-2024FR-SR-DATE-FR-SR93-20-13-93-20252142252773564774081014489115270269728690594Result FR-XX SR-XX Date:12-06-2024FR-SR-DATE-FR-SR57-74-12-57-74241537241656809651148951252746779104601061673Result FR-93 SR-20 Date:11-06-2024FR-SR-DATE-FR-SR58-73-11-58-73350426350854689853904773294140135544809289077Result FR-57 SR-74 Date:10-06-2024FR-SR-DATE-FR-SR90-99-10-90-99998019998878108875591865040941449358328150651Result FR-58 SR-73 Date:08-06-2024FR-SR-DATE-FR-SR71-85-08-71-85893585893728333729016609917269089858773540943Result FR-90 SR-99 Date:07-06-2024FR-SR-DATE-FR-SR32-28-07-32-28540870540948575943232243555467009030993982707Result FR-XX SR-XX Date:06-06-2024FR-SR-DATE-FR-SR90-40-06-90-40944065944384614381207571327228599404834217381Result FR-32 SR-28 […]

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Shillong Teer Group Number for First Round and Second Round Teer Target.

Group -1 Date:18-06-2022 In this table we have created Shillong Teer Making Number : There are around 16 common number for first round and second round of Teer daily Target.We calculate this making number on the basis of some mathematical calculation.This is just our predictable number for Shillong Teer Game we never give any assurance […]

Khanapra Teer Previous Result

khanapar teer previous result

Assm Teer Previous Result: We have maintain a list of Previous Result name Khanapara Teer or Assam Teer old result. Why previous teer result is important? There are different types of answer can explain number 1 previous result can give an idea how formula pattern works. Assam teer game payed for two different round that […]


Khanapara teer

Khanapara Teer Target Number: We can see the following Pyramid number pattern helps us to find the target for the Assam teer house and ending. To calculate making a number we need the first house and ending number with these numbers we target or predict some common number. This game has two rounds First and […]

Shillong Teer Daily 6 House

shillong teer house

Teer Media Only House Date:16-07-2022 7 8 9 2 3 4 There are only six House updated for First round and Second Round Sillong Teer Protection Status